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These Kiddos of Mine

It’s been a busy weekend! Yesterday we had a birthday gathering for 3 of the kids-Clayton who had just turned 20, Arianna who is turning 17 on the 28th and Maddi who will be 16 on July 1st. Friends and family filled my house (I LOVE a full house!) and we enjoyed an afternoon of [...]

Hello Summer Adventure!

I woke up this morning as usual-early and w/ my 2 youngest cuddled up to me in bed. Then I looked around and remembered that we were on the 1st day of our new adventure. I laid there and listened to the sleepy sounds of my 4 kiddos. They had been worn out by a [...]

Let’s Play “Where in the World is Clayton (JJ) Lang”

And that’s exactly what we did between 1 and 8am this morning. JJ’s been in France since the beginning of August and was supposed to get to Portugal for a visit with my sister. But after she had been at the airport for a couple of hours and couldn’t find him and had no way [...]

Catching up with M.O.M. & the Lang Clan

My camera was MIA all weekend. I missed taking pics of Kateri leaving to go back to school and snapping pics of the 3 different St. Greg’s boys that we’ve encountered since Friday. We had 2 boys overnight on Friday and one is staying until Wednesday and we met up with another at church on [...]


We did it! We had a successful and fun trip to family and friends and made it back without any issues. We made the 540 mile trip in 9 hours. We got home in time to unpack, spend time with the bigger kids, get to an evening mass, make and eat dinner and be ready [...]

Vacation Time for M.O.M. and the Lil Ones

Last Thursday I loaded up the car and the 4 youngest kiddos and we headed for Northern California. I was nervous about how the kids would do driving for 10 hours with no real breaks (however,they made sure we saw many a restroom along the way), but honestly, they did great. There were only a [...]

The Travel Adventures of Mommy of Many

I promise that my very next post will be full of pictures and descriptions of all the great things surrounding JJ’s graduation. It was very touching and a truly wonderful experience. However, right now there’s an adventure happening and I thought you’d want to hear about it. After checking my itinerary with today’s scheduled rugby [...]

Days 1 & 2 of my Trip to PA for JJ’s Graduation

I am so tired! Right at this moment, that’s overshadowing the fact that I’m in PA for the weekend to be a part of my oldest son’s graduation. Ok, tiredness aside…I can’t believe how quickly the last 3 years have gone! JJ left as a Sophomore and already he’s graduating! Then it’s off to Spain [...]


At this very moment, I have 2 of my kiddos traveling. One should be leaving London and heading to Germany and the other is on his way to PA. They’ve both traveled quite a bit in the last few years of being away at school and they know what to expect and how to get [...]

This Day in My Life

There are simply too many topics to write about over the last 24 hours, to pick one and give it a title. So here is what’s in my head on this day in my life. First off, I’m wishing that writing didn’t take time. Why can’t I just think the thoughts, look at the screen [...]


Apparently I got too comfy with having my oldest kiddos back in the house for the Christmas break. I didn’t check on their return flights until THIS morning. Why would I? They are 20 and 17 and are perfectly capable of knowing what their travel arrangements are. Right? It seems that Mom is still needed [...]

Catching up with the Lang Clan

The last two weeks have been full and busy! We are trying to grab the last bits of summer before JJ heads back to school and before Kateri leaves for Germany. Because all the kids are home and together, my regular routine has been put on hold and we have been taking time to enjoy [...]

Home, Unpacked and Doing the Dance

Whew! We are back from a wonderful time of visiting family and friends.  I will admit that it was a rocky start.  It took us 6 1/2 hours to make the 4 hour journey to my sister’s house.  At that point I was pretty much ready to spend the night, turn around and come home. [...]

An Unplanned Trip

This is totally not like me and if I think about it much, I’ll back out, but…I’m packing up the 3 youngest kiddos and am heading up north for a few days.   3 kids, 6 yrs, 4 yrs and 2 yrs and me….in a car…for many hours….. Better stop right there or it’s not [...]

Parenting from Afar

Easter is on it’s way!  This means that my older kiddos head home to celebrate.  This year it’s especially important for everyone to be together because of Clay’s upcoming, year-long deployment.  This is the last time the whole family will be together for a long time.  Kateri got into town 2 nights ago.  JJ’s plane [...]

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