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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 4/Day 4

Even though I woke up tired, there was no way I wasn’t going to my Kraze Boot Camp class! I’ve made it through each of the days offered over the last 4 weeks. There are 2 make-up days next week and I’ll be going to those, as well. Only then will I be able to [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 4/ Day 3

It was another beautiful morning and it was great to start the day off with a great workout! JJ joined us this morning. It was nice to have him there. I know he works out and plays sports. He’ll leave the house to go running or biking, but I never get to see him actually [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 3/ Day 3

I got out of bed with the alarm with no problem, but getting my body to not give up during my 6am Kraze Boot Camp class today was tough. It seemed like every exercise was more of a mental challenge than a physical one. That’s not to say that they weren’t physically challenging-they certainly were! [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 3/Day 1

Week 3! Week 3! After a 3-day weekend, it was back to Kraze Boot Camps at 6 am, this morning. I heard the alarm and groaned. I kept giving myself 5 more minutes, 3 more minutes, 1 more minute, until it was TRULY the last minute to get out of bed and still show up [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 2/Day 5

Day 5 of Week 2! 2 weeks down! My car was quiet and lonely this morning. I was the only one in it. The rest of the girls are planning on going this evening. Mornings work better for me. If I have the whole day to come up with excuses not to go, I’ll surely [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 2/Day 3

Whew! It’s been a long and busy day for this M.O.M! Here I am at 10:35pm, finally able to talk about today’s 6am Kraze Boot Camp class. Bet you thought I forgot! It was a great work out! I’m excited that today marks the 1/2 way point in week 2! I had more energy this [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes To Boot Camp-Week 2/Day 2

Today should be called “Procrastination Day” instead of Tuesday. I woke up with almost no drive and feeling emotional. I putted around until the LAST minute then headed out to my Kraze Boot Camp class, knowing that if I didn’t show up, Aaron (my trainer and Boot Camp Master) would likely show up at my [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Day 4, the Last Day for This Week!

Day 4-DONE! Whoo Hoo! I’ve successfully made it through the 1st week of the 4-week Kraze Boot Camps program. I’ve learned a thing or two about myself in the last few days-1) I’m more competitive than I thought. 2) I can do more that I’ve given myself credit for. 3) I’m more out-of-shape than I [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Day 3…Oh Yeah, and All That Other Stuff Happening in My Life

Aaron is tricky! That’s what I have to say for today’s Kraze Boot Camp class. Hmph! We did our warm-up and were told to run 1 lap around the big circle. 1 lap! Whoo Hoo! We’ve been running 2. But I soon found out why we were only taking 1 lap-soon after we were picking [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Day 2

I am a creature of habit. I work best when I know what’s in front of me. I think that’s probably the same for most of us. Surprises in our routines make things a little harder. When I got to Kraze Boot Camp this morning I saw Aaron setting some things out and I realized [...]

Mommy of Many™ Goes To Boot Camp-Day 1

I am a 38 yr old woman who’s given birth to 9 children. I’ve watched my body change many times. Some changes were great and some I was totally uncomfortable with. Over the last 2 years I lost 35 lbs. I attribute the weight loss, in part, to having my youngest child getting older, no [...]

The First Day of Our Summer-Projects & Plans

Summer! I think I’m more excited about it this year than I’ve been in a long time. Having gone back to work in the Fall really changed the way I did things in the house and the time I was able to take for myself. I’m off for the summer and am looking forward to [...]

Friday Night in the ER

Yesterday morning JJ woke with a sore and swollen knee.  He hobbled around on it until the afternoon when I was able to get him into the Dr. The doc examined him, declared he had a fever of 100.2 and said he feared that it might be a septic joint and that we better head [...]

Remember This? Giving it Another Try!

Back in December, I was inspired to start working out.  I’d lost 30 lbs over the year and it was time to tone.  I got it in my head that I’d start by walking to the beach and back with the 2 little ones in my Phil and Ted’s (LOVE that stroller and could go [...]

Today’s the Day

Today’s the day that I committed to make a commitment to working out. Whew! Is it really here? Is it really today? Do I really have to? I know I have to do this for ME. I have to get out there and work toward better energy and better health. Now, push me! What I’ve [...]